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Whether you are a typeface designer, graphic designer, book designer, information designer, logo designer, webdesigner, application designer, videogame designer, letterer, calligrapher, printer, bibliophile, publisher, editor, librarian, or just fascinated with typefaces, all are welcome to attend our courses. To enroll, experience in graphic design, combined with basic drawing skills and knowledge of graphic-design software such as Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Indesign, are considered a prerequisite.

Enrollment is accepted up to two weeks before the start of the course.


The Plantin Institute of Typography organizes different courses and programmes:

We also offer this shorter course:

Given in the past but not yet scheduled:

For more information, contact Jan Van der Linden, program coordinator.


  • Expert class Type design / practicum: 1.950 euro.
  • Plantin programme Typography and Books: 1.600 euro.
  • Summerschool Typography: 600 euro students / 800 euro regular.
  • History of Printing Types: 380 euro.
  • We offer 20% reduction to students until one year after graduating at university or comparable institutes, and to alumni of the Plantin Institute of Typography. Please contact us by e-mail to check you are eligible for the reduced enrolment fee.
  • We kindly request to transfer the enrollment fee to the following account before the courses start: IBAN BE04 4098 5623 7131, BIC KREDBEBB.

Anyone completing the Expert class Type design or Book design successfully receives the private degree of graduate of the Plantin Institute of Typography and the certificate of post-higher education studies from the AP University of Applied Sciences and Art Antwerp.


The Plantin Institute of Typography classes are held in the Christoffel Plantin auditorium of the Museum Plantin-Moretus. The Museum is situated in the historic centre of Antwerp.


The valuable collections held by the Plantin-Moretus Museum are enormously varied. They relate to the business management and family life of Christopher Plantin and his successors, the Moretuses.

A considerable proportion of these unique collections is accessible online, including the printing plates, presses, dies, type cases, composing sticks, stamps and matrices, furniture, prints and drawings, paintings. The library with its 25,000 old printed works and 638 manuscripts, is made accessible on Antwerp’s Anet library network. The museum website provides inventories of the company and family archives.

The Plantin Society has its very own library (the ‘Louis Van den Eede Library'). The catalog of this collection, together with the catalog of the books of the Museum Plantin-Moretus, can be consulted in the the network Brocade. Students and others who are interested can consult the books on weekdays in the reading room of the Museum Plantin-Moretus.

There are also other libraries in the immediate vicinity, such as the UAntwerpen (University Antwerp), the library of the Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp, the Erfgoedbibliotheek Hendrik Conscience and the archive of het Letterenhuis (Dutch only).